Interested in WowApp

I started using it.

What is WowApp?

【This screen is】

<Menu screen>

<Tick window>

<In-Chats screen>

<Contacts screen>

<Keypad screen>

<Revenue Sheer Screen>

This is the screen image.

WowApp is free.
By using this application with the same function as Line
It is a wonderful application that gets a part of advertisement cost.

When registering, I will explain in detail.

Just by displaying advertisements, you will earn money. Even if you invite again you will earn money.

The wider the spread, the higher the rate of return.

You can save money by just using it instead of LINE.

It does not cost anything.

Let's join me and make money together ☆

↓ How to join Hiroshi at WowApp ↓

First of all,
☆ Join Hiroshi at WowApp ☆
Please tap or click.

☆ Join Hiroshi at WowApp ☆

I think that it will be the screen below.


Please click "WowAppで浩に参加".

Next, this kind of image is displayed.

Simply create a password with the email address and user name.

Temporary registration is completed with image authentication.

The mail will then arrive at the registered e-mail address. (It may take quite some time)

Click "Pink Button" Validate Email "to complete registration.

After that, please put personal information normally.

Personal information never leaks.

Google Adsense is the profit.

I am also on appraisal of the Apple store.

Here is the final screen.

With the Wow application you can make your information private.

Personal information can be changed at any time.

Immediately after the start, let's change publicly the phone number and email address as it is in the open state!

I will briefly explain the private method.

"Menu" → "Settings"

→ "Account"

→ "Privacy"

Select what you do not want to publish

This is the only setting completed.

After that, you can earn advertisement revenue by using WowApp.

If you invite friends you will earn money from the other party.

Let's introduce to my friends more and more.